Evolving Rose Cleaning Services

Logo Design

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Client: Evolving Rose Cleaning Services
Project:  Logo Design

I designed this logo for Evolving Rose Cleaning Services — a new small business in Portland, Oregon, by Carmen Rosa. The client brief was very simple:

"...My business name is going to be Evolving Rose Cleaning Services and what I want is roses blooming in all stages, forming the letter C (for Carmen), and some "sparkles" because that represents “clean” to me. It’s a silly idea but it means a lot to me. My last name is Rosa, which means Rose."

She had a solid concept of what she wanted but I felt it was too complex to be an effective logo. As a designer, it was my job to simplify and refine the concept. She loved the final result!

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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Southwest Microwave Sample Box
Southwest Microwave Sample Box
Southwest Microwave Sample Box