Los Dos 8th & 10th Annual Hike T-Shirts

Some like it hot… and dusty!

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Client: Self
Project: Los Dos Molinos  T-Shirts

Every year from 1998 to 2008 a group of friends gathered in Phoenix, Arizona for an annual hike up and over South Mountain, ending at Los Dos Molinos — a Mexican food restaurant known for their spicy food (and margaritas).

I designed t-shirts for several of the hikes and these are two of my favorites. For the 8th annual hike, I used the O's in Los Dos to form the number eight. And, for the 10th annual hike, I used red and green peppers to form an X -  the Roman numeral for ten.

At the time, Los Dos had the tagline, "Some Like It Hot". After our hike through the desert, we changed it to, "Some Like It Hot... and Dusty".

Software: Adobe Illustrator

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